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I've been gone, what, a month or so?

I haven't gone anywhere.

Been right here...bullshitting, recording songs, getting better every lyric.

I got 60 some songs in the playlist?

I'm sitting on 141 now...they've yet to be uploaded cuz honestly, I shouldn't be on The Wettening 5 without part 2 available for download...but shit happens.

So, in the wonderful world of Midas Muthafuckin' Welle.....Um, music, women, and depression.

A LOT of texting buddies, they help keep me sane....I fuckin' hate texting.

I FINALLY finished Les Miserables, the last collab verse came in last week, I finished a song that was to guest star Lady S, but I never got around to getting at her, and life is just too real for everybody nowadays...Next trip, I promise.

The Wettening 2: Man On Neptune is done, has been for like 2 months. It's the rise of my lyricism and song (re)making...A LOT of sappy love songs and hardcore shit talk...that's what I was on at the time. If you know me, you know why. Nuff said.

The Wettening 3: The Spear Mint has 13 songs on it, BANGERZ. Haha. I got a few on there, I REALLY like...others, I was bullshitting, and you'll know.

The Wettening 4: Shadow is ain't know about that...I'm rapping on a lot of gangsta beats, cuz that's what I was on.

The Wettening 5: Victorious Loser...I started that like two or three days ago, and I have like 6 songs on it already...Some of my best lyrics.

Other than that, The Green Party might remain 3 songs if Big Mick doesn't quit dickin' around on Facebook and not sending beats....I STILL listen to The Stephanie Meyer EP, and Clouded Judgment...I have a project with this production duo from Michigan, Stereo Symphony..I had 5 songs, and was gonna leave it there, but they sent 6 more beats...I wanna do those right....

Now the 'depression'. I need a job. Being this live without a plan to take it somewhere is killing me. Easily, I can hop on a plane and go anywhere in the continental U.S...but that would be utterly foolish without funds and a I'm chillin'......

More and more people feel what I say because of how I say it, or they just like my voice...Whatever, people are listening..I thank you.

Everybody wants beats, everybody wants to record. Very few niggas who ask for my beats deserve my beats. Real shit, no arrogance in that. This muthafucka who's been pestering me since June about recording exchanged info with me last month, and still hasn't made a're not serious....My nigga, Dureality, isn't serious about music, but makes EFFORTS to get his shit recorded...says A LOT about y'all niggas.

As for the whole crew...

Third World is in the process of recording a compilation....but it looks like the majority of the verses come from me and Ace...thus far....and the majority of the production is me.........thus far......DOPE songs....thus far......I can't stop listening to them.......the title, in case you don't know, derives from Purple Rain, the scene where The Kid slaps Apollonia and says, "He doesn't care about you."........We feel, these rappers don't care about the people who listen to their music....if I didn't care about who listened to my music, why would I make it so FUCKING fun to listen to? I don't know.......look out for this shit, always.

Other than's getting cold again. I'ma need a boo thang, or I'ma go insane this winter...that's a promise.

Second thought, need, no. Just a nice little want.

Damn, I'm Fausting.


--midas is still alive and kickin'--

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