"One Rapper, Extra Hype, Please."

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Here's a call to action: Take a flight to Wyoming, become an apprentice, hop on a bus going anywhere, hop on a boat, hop on a train(say, "Hi," to the hobos) and wherever you end up, ask the tenth person you see who their favorite rapper is....we already know the answer to that question. He's been people's favorite rapper for about 5 years now....Lil Wayne.


Because he said so.

It's a psychology thing, and I'll tell you how. On Jay-Z's "Dirt Off Your Shoulder", he chants, "Best rapper alive!" For those who were avid Jay-Z fans, you stuck with him through the thick and thin, and even felt ashamed to admit Eminem killed him on "Renegade", BUT the end of "Dirt..." gave you permission to agree.

Hov leaves the scene for not even a year and Weezy decides to make it a song, not an ad-lib. From this point forward, EVERYBODY'S on this man's nuts. I never got it. My first experience with Wayne as a whole was Da Drought 3. Weezy F is one of my favorites, but to call him the best is foolish.

If I owned a car, somebody would've thrown a rock through the windshield by now...

Wayne hasn't done enough for me to call him THEE best. Sure, he has more mixtapes than Dean Martin has albums, but his subject matter is what murders his image in my book.

I have heard very few songs where Wayne tells a story, switches perspective, or anything. I'll tell you what I have heard from him: money, pussy, weed, syrup, bitches, titties, ass, asshole, guns, murder, bullets, head, cunnilingus....yeah, that shit is funny and witty, but you gotta think, in 3009, who the fuck is gonna wanna listen to an album of sex and toilet jokes...

He's got rappers out here afraid to come up...no,no, and no!

"Oh, Wayne don't write." Kanye West doesn't write, B.I.G didn't write, Big L didn't write, but they don't get the same respect as him.

Don't call me dissing him. I got all the respect in the world for any rapper that can sell large numbers of records by rapping....all I'm saying is, why can't he cater to true Hip-Hop heads that want their music with a little depth, no bullshit.

And you can quote me on this...Wayne's ONLY good album is Tha Carter 2. Other than that, he has nothing. Tha Carter is ever so okay, and you heard Tha Carter 3. I respect his mixtape grind...but he just doesn't hit my top 10 favorite rappers until I hear better from him.

--Midas has unloaded--

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