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The other day I thought, and something came to me...Even though we differ in the way we act or grow up, we still share the same thoughts and the same experiences...I relate this to the music world. A group from the south that I 'hero-worshiped' is over, finished and through.

(King Self, Negashi Armada, Dope Pope=Supreeme)
If you're not familiar, they're from ATL, and won the "Best Rap Group That Isn't Outkast" Award...or some shit. Anyhow, they got a good sounding catalog of music. Last night, their associate, Fat Tony, posted a link to their new shit. I download it, I assessed it and stuff, but I noticed King Self made one appearance on the album...I noticed Tony online, I hit him up. He tells me, Self quit the group and went to Culinary Art School(Aye!) and Negashi was going, going, back, back to Cali', Cali'. Him and Dope Pope are still at it though...

It's sad when mega Hip-Hop groups break up, i.e: The Fugees, Black Star and the following group...

(Ace Boogie, Midas Welle, Skeem Da General, and Shaun Fauste=M.T. Bag)
As a group we made classic, deathproof music, but as we grew up, egos clashed and our lifestyles put a strain on the group. I started out as the only beat maker, then Boogie learned by watching me. Soon, we all started smelling our own piss and everybody was butting heads. Music wouldn't get done because we'd get too high and pass out, or there was no morale. Skeem was the first to leave, and I was cool with it....I felt like it was my fault. He came back when Boogie, Fauste and I were making harder hits.

Boogie threatened to leave on several occasions. He did once, for a day, and that's when I became Midas Welle. Fauste was the first one who set out with solo ambitions though. When that happened, I felt as if it was permission for me to step out myself. With our first album, I produced 91% of it, and I made up most of the hooks. With our second project, Sp00ks&Sp00ns, that's 98% Boogie's project. That's the era in which I didn't feel as close to M.T. Bag. The songs that were put on the title, I wouldn't dare release on anything I executive-ly produced. I guess we're kinda better off solo, but one day, I hope the crew will get back together forever.

(M.O, Seth Boogie, Lady S=The Affiliates[BOY!])
I've been rapping on Seth's beats ever since I started has M.O, so has Lady S. We were The Affiliates(M.O's bullshit name for the group, catchy tag though). We were all together with one mission, to make it. Me and M.O made two classic songs, "Purple Green" and "Time Is Wastin' ", and I had to take a brief music hiatus. When I came back, Lady S and M.O were barely on speaking terms, they're cool now...But shit fell apart. Today, Lady S has one daughter that I still haven't met yet, but is hungry to return. M.O has two albums with one on the way and is considering quitting by 25 or 30, and Seth is more focused on doing movie scores and is also thinking of hanging it up....

I was in the store yesterday and saw a magazine cover. Something about Oprah hanging her talkshow up...I mean, you run out of things to say after a decade plus everyday...It's like entertainment is winding down into the ground. Nothing will be the same. Canibus is dissing Eminem AGAIN? The God Emcee, Rakim, has a new album and no one knows it. Video games will forever sell if you hook up with Lego....shit is half assed. NOBODY gives a fuck anymore...and it's really sad.

--midas hath spoken--

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