Some People Hate

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It's not a big deal to me that my president is "black". I can't lie though, it was cool to be a part of history though.

I don't follow politics too closely though. I don't too much care for the giant game of "RISK". These niggas in suits are fat, old, soft guys who got picked on as kids and wasted their life getting degrees that mean nothing.

I do watch about 10 minutes of CNN every month though. I don't quite understand why the whole world is expecting so much from Obama....

How well do you expect a man to do in a position he has NEVER done before? Then on top of that niggas are hating on my nigga because he's shaking up the Conservatives. Notice the folks who didn't vote for him are the only people that have a problem with him? He's changing the game and y'all think he's cheating.

"We outta here, baby!"

--midas is smokin--

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