Everybody Shirt Off

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Twilight.....I remember when the first one dropped. I don't really recall a hype about it. I guess the fan girls were awaiting that Jacob character.

I listened to the radio and heard the numbers from the midnight show alone: $26.2million....(hollow whistle)

What's the hype? I couldn't tell you. I'll have to pick up one of these books one day....The only part I hear folks talk about is this:

and this:

.......First the music, now the books? The Industry knows how to sell records, books, and movie tickets in one felt swoop....Well, I guess I can add Twilight to yet another hype I'm immune to, like March Madness, The Superbowl, The Play-Offs, blah, blah, blah.....

Um.........New beats!!!! Coming fairly soon. The Man Without Fear is done and The Yellow Tape is on the way. Facebook fans seem to be creeping up surely, but slowly.....Rome wasn't built in a day.........let's keep marching....'til next time.....

--Midas has spoken--


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