Hot Topic...Er...Pockets

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(Word 2 Duh Wize: U Got 2 Visit Deez Linx, Cents Duh Videeoz B Playin Bye Demselvez)
(Midas' translation of the dialogue:) "Get a table!"="Hey, Nigger!"..."STAY HOME FREE EATERS!"="GO HOME, NIGGER!"..."I think in general we have been chained to tables for too long."="I'm trying to show the Man what we have been going through for the past 400 years!"

(Midas' translation of the dialogue/actions:) The flipping of the sign from OPEN to CLOSED=No Coloreds Allowed/Whites Only...The woman sitting far away from the man on the bench=Segregation...The old lady not letting the eater sit in the FRONT=Rosa Parks' struggle..."This is a bus, not a dining room"="Get outta here, nigger!"

Some might feel my reasoning is TOO extreme, but if you look at these commercials, tell me you don't see sneak disses at the Civil Rights Movement and et cetera. I'm not a black guy who is all "Back to Africa", "Kill Whitey!"....I'm just pointing out the obvious....notice if you've seen these on TV, you don't see them anymore!

Just bringing the news to you...

--midas hath spoken--


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