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"If you don't like my shit ,then fuck you and your shit, man, straight up."--Lil' Wayne "Feel Me"

I've met quite a few young'n's out here pursuing the same shit I am, but there's always that dividing factor....I find that very few people in Cincinnati rap like me and my people, why is that?

It's very simple. The Mid-West isn't on the map rap-wise for real. We've got representatives, but you never know what to expect from it. Twista and Bone brought fast rap, Eminem brought supreme lyricism, Lupe, Kanye and Common made us known for "conscious rap"....but we don't have a definite label, and I think that's good. At least you don't know what to expect from the Mid-West unlike the South, West or East.....those regions are starting to surprise me though...

What really kills me is how many rappers there really are in Ohio alone. I was chasing this shit before it became cool to rap, and that's real shit. These folks be rhymin', but they don't really do anything. Me and my label make hits. EVERYTHING we are serious on is a hit. I'm not saying that because I know these cats and I'm in the label, it's a fact.

All I really do is stare at folks that say they rap, because I know 9 times out of 10 they aren't serious....and if they are....they suck......

That's not me on my big head shit, that's me on the truth shit.

...........Man, FEEL ME!!!!

--Midas Hath Spoken--

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