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(Paranormal Activity)
This one has been a long time coming...If it wasn't for New Moon, I'd say this was the most hyped of film of 2009....Man, I remember the first few trailers. "So scary, you gotta Demand It! in your town." At the time, I had no Internet, so I thought I would miss out because I thought no one would Demand the film....A week later, "You Demanded It, now in theatres EVERYWHERE!"

I call up Ace Boogie and Shaun Fauste like, "Aye, we're going to see that movie!" Some dumbass critic called it, "The scariest movie of all time." That's the reason I wanted to see it.

So, we go. So far, so good. New sweatshirt, fresh Air Max....these joints:
So I was feeling good. Fauste had some coupons that reduced the price of the ticket, EVEN BETTER!!!

The slowest start to a movie..EVER!!! Don't get me wrong. the film was interesting....yet, it wasn't scary...and that's the part that pissed me off.

The best part of the movie happened outside of it.

The part where chick gets dragged out the bed, people in the crowd start to laugh. Some doofus up front is like, "Why are you laughing, guys? What if that happened to you?" As soon as he finished that question, I followed immediately with a deep voiced, "SHUT UP!" He turned around real fast!

The movie ended, no credit roll, no nothing, I rise from my seat and exclaim, "I FEEL SOCIALLY RAPED!"

I run outside and proceed to climb atop of my step-dad's van. Parking lot security came through, and lectured me....we left.......

As a movie, I'd give it a 7 out of 10, on a scale of scary however, 2 out of 10....cuz I was scared of shadows that night and didn't sleep.

--Midas hath spoken--

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