"Follow The Leader"

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If you grew up in the '90s with me, you experienced the biggest trends/fads too, huh?

Jordan's, Tamagotchi's, Poke'Mon, fades....All of it!

I wanna take a look at the shit the media had us getting into this past year...

(The almighty "skinny jean")
I never got into them myself, but they seem to be popular amongst those who wanna stay "Forever Young". Personally, I would rather not bull-neuter myself with this "coochie cutters", but to each his own.

You may call it the Stanky Leg, you may call it Jerking. No matter what label you put on it, it will always be "cooning" to me. A form of rhythmic moving, that isn't necessarily a dance.

I'm not a fan of half the shit today's woman does, but it makes them happy, so I guess I should be too. For about a month and a half, chicks were trying to pull this hair do off. I never saw this one in the flesh, probably cuz they knew it was stupid too. I think it was a practical joke that Cassie just ran with for a while or something...

(If you're in today's music biz, you know what this is)
This is the almighty Auto-Tune. This is what made T.Pain hot, and Zapp&Roger before him, and that guy that made "More Bounce To The Ounce". If used in the right hands, it's quite a wonderful tool. (T.Pain, Trey Songz...that's about it.) If put in the hands of anybody, you get annoying disaster. (Dipset, Lil Wayne, I don't wanna offend anybody, 1/2 of 808s & Heartbreak).

(Gucci Mane)
Apparently, you ain't nobody unless you got Gucci Mane on your song this year. Don't get me wrong, Gucci is an entertaining rapper, but I'm tired of hearing him on shit he has no business on really.

(Young Money)
This is killing a clique of migrating birds with a boulder....Let's spend less time ad-libbing and laughing during a verse, and more time rapping on a verse. I'm about tired of some shit like, "Weezy F. Baby/ and the F is for "Fuck You"/....ha ha, (giggle)/Yeah....Su-Wu!" Everybody and their mama is trying to rap like Lil Wayne today...rap like you! This trend I respect, however: Mixtape tracks getting radio play. How can So Far Gone get sold in stores like an album? That's amazing to me.

Twitter is the Tiger Woods Pro Golf of Internet websites in my opinion. It's like stripping the "free throw" or "kick-off" aspect from basketball and football games and embracing that one quality all the way through. Golf games is nothing but trajectory calculating and power control...like how Twitter is nothing but a status update....why it has caught on so much, I don't know....but people like it.

That's all I can think of for now. Stick to your principles like flies, but stay with the times...

--Midas has spoken--


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