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In the music game, well, rap music anyway...cats are known for multiple names or name changes...I covered this like a napkin on a whale one time....let me take you down into the history of my identity crisis.

  • A.K.A-Still finding a style, plus a name. This was my first name, which lasted a week.
  • Ka-Million-Boasting my ability to adapt to anything.
  • Mphamous-This came to me out of nowhere, and I ran with it for an eon. GUNZ! The beats I made came from MTV Music Generator...if you're a musician/gamer, you know.
  • Empathy-I was going through the roughest period of my existence here. My best writings came out through this name. This is also where I started to work with Fruity Loops. People respected the hustle here.
  • MZA-This was a moniker used to describe my new found, soulful beat style. Like RZA from Wu-Tang.
  • Matt Murdock-Everybody in Third World has a superhero moniker. I chose Matt Murdock, The Daredevil/The Man Without Fear at first because he shares my first name. Eventually, I saw that his personality is somewhat similar to mine.
  • Midas Welle-I truly hope that this one sticks with me for good. People are quite tired of me changing it. It seems to catch on. After it became official, I started to catch how often people say the phrase "might as well."
Names nobody really knows I went as:
  • Rex Feral
  • MF Mizzle
  • MC 1100
  • El Emenohpee
  • Count D'Muni
  • Mplosion
  • M.Urgency
  • Matthew Williams-that's funny because that's my gov't!
--Midas hath spoken--

I might post another something for G-P..


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