2 Live & Die N Sho Biz

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I was thinking...I do that a lot. You know how the foxy Brittany Murphy passed away ever so recently, known for what, Clueless? 8Mile, that Ashton Kutcher movie and King Of the Hill...

I thought about when Michael Jackson died. A big deal was made. As soon as the word got out, BET canceled all kinds of programming, and ran a video marathon of his works. Michael Jackson had the best death "of all time", Kanye voice....

I'm like, that dude spent like 95% of his life famous. Some folks wish for such a life, but to do that to somebody who didn't want it is thoroughly fucked up. Isn't that like a sin or something, Christians?

You idolized an average human being, who bled and cried, much like you and me.

There wasn't really a point to this one, I accidentally hit New Post and didn't feel like deleting a blank one.......................

R.I.P Luanne

--midas' condolence--

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