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A thought crossed my mizzind after I was playing Final Fantasy 8....I was on the part where the SeeDs go to the Unknown King's Tomb. After I got the lost student's I.D number, I decided to open the Magical Lamp to fight Diablo. It made me think of names and how often they are used by a variety of different people who have NEVER met one another......Everybody somewhere along the line thinks the same.....For instance, let's look at my band, M.T Bag: Ace Boogie, Skeem Da General, Shaun Fauste, and myself, Midas Welle, shall we?

Ace Boogie, a conscious/Neo-Soul/spoken word artist from Akron, Ohio....Very similar to our Ace Boogie, who boasts about how he can do it all, even Country.

Skeem....Um, I can't read Espanol....I'm going to assume Reggaeton....I don't think our Skeem is willing to do Reggaeton....

I could not find anybody with the same spelling as our boy Shaun Fauste, however, phonetically, I did find an artist named Shawn Faust....Almost! I know Fauste does drawing here and there...

Meet The Midas Well. They're from Arvada, Colorado and experiment with Pop/Electronica....According to my favorite monikers, Empathy and Midas Welle, no rapper ever goes by the names I choose, it's always a rock band....like Common, he dropped the Sense because there was a band who sued him over the name....

--midas' opponents--

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