"Wrap It Up, B!"

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2009. Oh, what a year it has been.

I have shown a dramatic growth this year. A lot has happened to me, good, bad, and UGLY!! I'm talkin' only-a-mother-could-love-that-face ugly!

Trip with me...

January, I got my first ticket, well, actually in December, but the court thingy was in January. I got it from a cop who looked like Ace Boogie's ex-girlfriend, I thought it was an omen or some shit.

February, I was removed from Wright State University. It all rooted from multiple holds upon my account that I could not remove: High School Transcripts(I sent them twice), a bullshit Marijuana ticket from campus, and overdue Fall bill(I never received a refund, what am I supposed to pay with, pocket money?)

March through April, I enrolled myself in The School of Life. I mainly focused on the History/Social Studies aspect. I played a lot of retro video games, read dated books, and listened to the oldies but the goodies. I learned how to play Tetris, I learned how to be a 1960's rebel via "Steal This Book", and I picked up on The Beatles and Bob Dylan.

April, I had the highest 4/20 of all time and lost my "V-Card". Don't remind me....

June bugged. Fauste got a whip, we would roam the city at all hours of the night, eating Rally's and Hookah-ing. M.O did a bid, and finally became down with Third World.

July, Boogie through himself a nice soiree to celebrate his birth. That was the month of Street Fighter IV. I thought I was the best, went to Arcade Legends and got it handed to me by Vega!

August, I came down with my first case of strep throat. I inherited three pairs of Nikes, well a pair of black and red Jordans, some gray, white and black, Dunks and some crisp navy blue and white Air Max. Skeem started feuding with Fauste, stressing everybody out!

I think I was drunk the entire month of September. I finally put an American Eagle access card to use given to me by Ace Boogie.

October, me and M.O rekindled our Affiliates relationship, and I got this laptop from uncle Seth Boogie. M.O throws his gauntlet at Fauste and disses emerge.

November, I loaded the laptop and again still was drunk the entire month basically. M.O squashes his beef with Fauste, while Fauste still remains hesitant to fuck with Third World on the regular, good going guys.

This month, I've started maintaining the household. My little brothers are still bad little gremlins. I dunno.

2010? What does it hold? What do the seniors in high school call it? "I graduate in 10!" It takes too much effort to say 2010.

What are my plans? I don't usually make resolutions, but it seems I work better with personal goals.

I'm going to try to learn French. I got a French/English Dictionary. I'm going to try to put out a beat album every week or so. I need employment, I got a sick little fetish for LRGeans and American Eagle tops, and Nikes............I should've rapped on "Nikes&Pumas."

I'm also going to try to get more music done, whether it be my own, Fauste's, Boogie's, Skeem's, M.O's, whatever. This year, we kinda went soft. I need to whip me troops into shape!

2010 looks bright!

--midas is zonin'--

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