Bad Irrigation

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When the underground spills onto the surface, you get hot shit all over the streets.

Um......these are my favorite underground music videos.

(Jovi Rockwell "Rizzla"...should be RizLa+)

(Supreeme "Trouble"...alternate version)

(Supreeme "I'm Crazy")

(Snack Boi, AK Steel and Moxy Monster "Bag Fulla Chex Mix")

(Moxy Monster ft. M.O "Paper Planes Remix")

If it's not for the video, it's for the song. If it's not for the song, it's for the video. I like independent videos better than mainstream videos. Mainstream videos have lost meaning and the creative edge I crave. I'm friends with a Lil Wayne profile on Facebook. He asked what the fans thought of "Bedrock". I don't give a shit about new rap videos. THEY SUCK!

--midas is creative loafin'--

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