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The year was 2001. My bro, Stuntman, then Young Thug, my neighbor, Papa Smurf, then D-Money, and I started a rap group. The name was too corny: Ghetto Skeletons. My guess is we were going for Bone Thugs....

We started with beat boxed beats. I eventually started getting serious about making it. I made tracks with MTV Music Generator. My life soon started to revolve around music. I was once a visual artist to the death. I found that my drawing skills have diminished substantially.

Anyway. I made about 30 rap albums in the course of 6 years. Ask Seth Boogie, he has half of my discography.

The music I was a part of didn't become listenable until I helped form the super group, M.T Bag. Pronounced Empty Bag! I hate the phrase T-Bag. It stands for Most Thizzle Boys And Girls. Thizzle as in Thorough, not Ecstasy poppin'.

A lot of differences have risen recently after we all went solo....temporarily. My aim was not to leave forever. The aim was to wait until the egos subsided in the group. I am somewhat the leader, but I wanted to flex the voice of the people. We wouldn't be a group if I made everything go MY way anyway. I wanted the group to voice its input.

Let's go down the roster.

Skeem Da General: When I originally formed the group, he wasn't a candidate I had in mind. He was actually brought to my attention by Ace Boogie. It wasn't because I "doubted" him, more so,, because I hadn't heard enough from him. He came by my crib a few times and sang, and dropped freestyles with us. I took a liking to his rap, I sensed the hunger in him. When Made In Cincinnati went into production, he shined on a few songs, but others, it's plain to hear that he wasn't putting his all into it. Prior to the 11th track of the album, he departed from the group, making the quad a trio...I thought it was my fault he left. For the longest, he wouldn't tell me why he left, so I continued to blame myself. Come to find out, he didn't feel many tracks we were making. He did his solo thing for a nice while, but when M.T Bag as a trio decided to step up its sound, he wanted to come back. Open arms of course.

Ace Boogie: He was my second protege, but the first that stuck around and surpassed the teacher. I always say I crafted my rap style from Rakim, in Street Fighter terms, Rakim is Gouken, I am Ryu and Ace is Ken. So we're all runnin' around using this same style. Anyway. He learned how to use FL Studio watching me weekend after weekend. It's funny he used to fear me, now the tables have turned. I find he had the most drive when we were all super tight. He always came up with slick marketing ideas, and his word play has grown. When motivation died during the Sp00ks&Sp00ns Era, he threatened to leave the group, and did.....for about an hour....

Shaun Fauste: There are no words that can properly express this man's potential. He came to my house/studio with no prior recording experience. He dropped his first recorded freestyle that put him on the map as a lyricist. How's it go: "Hard to the core like my middle name is onyx." We used to write rhymes together after school and had plans to make music as a duo. We're STILL talkin' about that project. Back when he was under the monikers of Sub-Lym-In-Al and Ben Grimm, it seems he was accepted more. When he decided to improve his image for his own liking, Shaun Fauste, it seems his respect dwindled. This is one of the reasons the group had many fall outs. Skeem often had something to say about Fauste's new style, followed by Ace, followed by M.O. He decided to create a solo project. I took this as permission to do what these cats have done before me.

The reason I decided to get my griffin on(I'm a lion...yet I must spread my wings) is cuz, we were no longer on the same page anymore. Ace and I were at Wright State, which kinda put a strain on the group, Skeem got back into Martial Arts, and Fauste was tired of not being accepted.

I hated how we spent more time getting high, passing out, watching movies or arguing. I think it's better if we Wu-Tang it. Focus on ourselves and unite every blue moon to put down a classic.

That's how I feel.

--midas unloaded--

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