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I was hipped onto this Call Of Duty 2 mission by Fauste. He said there's controversy afoot. Yet, he wasn't too sure on the content of it.

Here's the poop.

There is a mission in the game, you have a choice to accept or decline it. You are put in the shoes of a terrorist, the mission is to go to an airport terminal and just wipe out EVERYBODY.

My stand on it, this is a blessing from the "Game Gods". Personally, I hate Call of Duty, SOCOM, Rainbow Six, et cetera. My shit is Halo and always will be, or those N64 James Bond games!

Anyway. When you do missions in these army simulators, you are often penalized for citizen casualties. I think this is a mission dedicated to trigger happy folks with ammunition back up. Read the comments on the video at Youtube. Everybody's all, "I'm gonna skip this mission." or "I'm just not gonna shoot." Any type of murder is wrong, why is it any better when you kill terrorists versus citizens?

People have just plain out gotten soft on me. A game like Halo gets no flack, why, cuz you're slaying aliens, a questionable life form. When it comes to people in jeans and t-shirts, alluva sudden we wanna empathize?


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