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Word up! My LRG beanie has been shipped, should be here anywhere between Saturday, Monday or Tuesday...

Recently I've been looking at the specifics of the American Eagle All Access Pass. At the end of this month, I should have a reward for 10% off my next purchase or some shit....unless I can make some kinda purchase before the new year.

I was looking at their clearance shit. Ever since I was like 13, I was like, I don't understand the hype about these clothes. I half-heartedly told myself I'd never rock plaid shorts, and vintage jeans and tees....Ha! Times have changed. Lookit what I like!

Rugged Peacoat: $99.50 $59.95

Varsity Chunky Cardigan: $99.50 $89.95(What?)

Vintage Cardigan: $59.50 $39.95

Plaid PJ Pant: $29.50 $24.95

Niggas be taxin', rude bwoi!

Oh, yeah!

The M.O Hour Release Party.....The M.O Hour has been out for like a year or so now.....I guess...Relly Boi is performing his smash hit: "Damon Dash". M.T Bag is gonna be there performing "Third World Domination", "Gucci Wallet", and "Nikes & Pumas"...if we don't murder one another first.

"2 Bottles"....This should be an interesting year for Third World Records as a whole. Midas Welle doing a million and one LPs; Shaun Fauste with Lust Complex and Coolie High; Ace Boogie with the Boogaloop Prophecies; Ace, Skeem, and M.O with Th3 Niggas in a Basement; me and Fauste with NME; Lady S finally debuting; me, Seth Boogie, M.O and Lady S with The Affiliates reunion album.

It's gonna be crazy!

--midas is hopin'--

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