They Are Them

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2010 looks very promising already. First month, first movie I see coming to the theatres that looks thoroughly entertaining. Michael Cera is a funny mofo, I tell you what. Arrested Development, Superbad.

Split personalities and alter egos are very amusing to me. For instance:

(A Game Cube game I was looking forward to some years ago. This old guy has like 7 other personalities and shit...never played it.)

(Brad Pitt plays a dude who dies, and Death possesses that body. Chick thinks she's in love with the dead guy, when it is Death she has fallen for.)

(Cin City, supposed to be the 3rd feature by M.T Bag. The main character in which the album revolves around, has 4 other personalities.)

I got way off topic........Whoa!

Looking forward to Youth In Revolt in short...

--midas is goin'--

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