"Umma Do Me!"

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A booty, not even ringtone worthy song, by, uh.....um....Rocko, that's his name. With a beat that sounds like something Young Jeezy didn't accept for Thug Motivation 101, Rocko single handedly made it "cool" for people to do the thing s they like to do...........Somewhat.
Up until, what, about one or two years ago, people were doing okay on their own.....Alluva sudden, people are once again emulating rappers. Louis Vuitton and Gucci are back....again. Folks who never had the chance to pop a bottle of Cristal are now on the path to pop a bottle of Rose.

What would the game be like if every upcoming rapper didn't want beats like his favorite bubble gum rappers? "Aye, bra, I need me some beats like Gucci. I'ma go ham!"

Unlike other genres, Hip-Hop hasn't produced a figure who speaks for a large group of people.....maybe because the Hip-Hop that reaches the radio is rap about what the artist has or does....

Let's direct it towards the ladies. Ever since Hip-Hop's inception, women have had very few voices that portrayed the gender in the best of lights. So, they moved on to Hip-Hop/R&B. Women I often see the young women look up to in that field, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Keyshia Cole and Beyonce. That's good, I liked that. Czech it!

(A picture I found HERE)
Ms.Minaj, I like her, I like her a lot. What disgusts me is the fact she and Drake allow themselves to be used by Lil Wayne. I guess, at the end of the day, as long as food is on the table and there's syrup in his cup, everybody's happy....but at the end of the century, what are their grand-descendants gonna say? "Hey, your mom was a whore on the beat!" "Hey, Mr.Carter, your grandpa was a public drunk!"

It doesn't hurt to have somebody you look up to...as a kid....but when you become an adult, you need to grow a set of stones and pave your own way. To bite the WHOLE outfit...c'mon......

I veered way off topic.....the point: Nicki introduced Harajuku Barbie to the black community, though Eve and Gwen Stefani did it years earlier.


(She's got the Barbie down,but NOT Harajuku)
The closest that comes to Japan is France.

In conclusion, be yourself....people really seem to like that aspect about folks, if indeed it is genuine self.

They got me on my shit!

--midas has spoken--

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