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(3 Niggas in the Basement.....if they were white guys...)

M.O, Skeem, and Ace were at the Gypsy Hut...or some Hookah bar last night. I hear a mix of things from the event. CD's sold, free food, and of course live music. I hear 3 Niggas in the Basement went up last night, but somebody fumbled. Third World....we talk a lot of shit, but we are human beings like the rest of ya's. I haven't heard a finished version of the song they were doing, "Lover Boy"....which leads me to understand why there were a few mess ups. M.O calls it a learning experience.

(A picture from that bullshit Celebrity Status show last week)

Speaking of Celebrity Status...

In other news...

Shaun Fauste is gonna be auditioning for some kinda shit at UC. Wish that negro lizzuck!

"All these other niggas are making moves, what are you doing, Midas?"

Nigga, I'm writing classics, I'm producing classics. I'm tryna make it so when you listen to my shit, you don't have to skip a track. Ok?

"Damn, man, don't get all sentimental...."


Oh, yeah. And in case you're STILL missing out on the hype in Cincinnati, GODDAMNIT MUTHAFUCKA!


Seth Boogie produced most of it, Ace Boogie appears, Shaun Fauste appears, I produced three tracks, my vocals are on two......if that's not reason enough.......IT'S A CERTIFIED CLASSIC!


--midas is promotin'--

~P.S: And y'all thought I changed...

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