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Lately, I've been watching the game...I've been observing, I've been sitting back. If you look at the young cats who are making names for themselves, you'd notice not many of them have made a lasting impression. Charles Hamilton remains unknown, as well as Mickey Factz and Blu. Wale, Asher Roth, and Curren$y are getting little to no attention.

It appears to me, the only cats people are keeping their eyes and ears on are Drake and KiD CuDi.....

I've noticed a trend amongst the girlies.

 (KiD CuDi)
The ladies really seem to feel CuDi. A song that I'm noticing is popular amongst them, "Pursuit of Happiness." Not my favorite song by the man on the moon, but eh....whatever makes you happy.

Now, it's not as easy to get by on this guy's course of action. I heard this: "God bless his soul. All he wants to do is smoke his weed and make good music." Goddamnit, I wanna smoke weed and make music all FUCKIN' DAY..........but if it were me who tried to get by on this, I betchu I'd get, "You scrub ass nigga, get a job."

I didn't think CuDi's sound would reach so many when Fauste hipped us onto him......look how far the boy's come....

Hats off.

(That's for YOU.)

--midas is oh, oh, oh...--

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