Flowers In Bloom

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All I hear is, "Look out, bra, we the next big thing." Fuck what's next, we as a people need it now. NOBODY likes to wait. "You mean to tell me my gift is in the closet? Then go get it."

It's crazy when people say they're going to be the next "somebody." How can that be when that somebody is still that somebody, and always will be?

I swear a new label or clique comes out every twenty seconds. Thing is, these cats all do it the same. "Let's make some beats that sound like beats we could've downloaded, then let's rap like our favorite hood stars and fill our songs with content we know nothing about."

I swear if I see one more Cash Clique, Hustle Muscle, Loot Gang, Crack Pack, Gun Shootaz, or something else ignorant, I'ma fuckin', I'ma fuckin'...

Me, I don't give a shit if you like my music or not. All that matters is the fact I made quality material. If you turn the deaf ear, that's your decision. Just realize my sound is a honesty, through, and, what else can I say, good?

You 'xpect me to listen to you niggas rap about how much cash you get, when you're ass broke?

I can't stomach that. That's why I don't like a lot of the "Hip-Hop" these underground cats make, cuz they don't make music with a purpose, they talk on beats exaggerating the little shit they do.

The outlook is never dark because I'm my're left with a handful of wax trying to hold a candle to me.

--midas is focused--

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