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The very first song I heard by Robin Thicke was "Shooter." I'm not talking the Tha Carter II version neither. It appears to me Thick broke into the Hip-Hop world by allowing Lil Wayne to jump on a remix with him. Since then, things have never been the same.

Many true fans know not of "Cherry Blue Skies"...which had basically the first cuts of songs featured on "A Beautiful World."

(I consider this third album an unsung project...has a lot good ones on it, yo!)

(Though his second, this album seems to be his most popular project prior to his new shit.)

(Tell me, what do you notice about this cover versus the other three? The Parental Advisory label.)

When this album came out, I felt Thicke had crossed over. I feel he has entered the "Sell Records Mode." There are a lot of good songs on this album, don't get me wrong, but I felt he compromised himself to the industry. He has a lot more Hip-Hop acts on it than usual. (The Evolution had Wayne an Pharrell, and Something Else had Wayne again.) Surprisingly, no Wayne, but Minaj took his place, Jay-Z came through, Snoop, and The Game?

I don't hate the album, it DOES sound good, I'm just a tad disappointed-half-heartedly, I guess. This album reminds me of Love.Angel.Music.Baby, when Stefani left No Doubt and went straight Hip-Hop/Pop....Didn't see that coming.......Plus I didn't know artists like Stefani and Thick were allowed to cuss on their records.......threw me WAY off.

The songs are murder though. I still don't get why so many people hate "Meiple." Sure, it's not really Francais, but who gives a shit?

(This picture never fails at making me laugh.)

--midas is "Lost Without You"--

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Anonymous said...

good post, not many remember him with the long hair singing " When I get You Alone". And i looked up "Cherry Blue Skies"'s practically a mirror for Beautiful World.

Midas Welle said...

Thank you, thank you. I guess what's important is people know him now, huh?

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