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I'm going to pick at Rap music for the rest of my days. You can't stop me, I can't stop me. Live with it. or change the channel.

When you listen to most rap, what do you hear come out of their mouths more than anything? More than Rose, more than Maybachs, more than Cocaine?

A lot of my favorite rappers constantly say, "I'm back." "He's back!" "Guess who's back?" 

I think of albums like time capsules. You open them up to dig out the fruits inside....some have expired, others were no good to begin with, but others are in the same state as when you last opened them.

There is ABSOLUTELY no reason for you to say you're back unless it's been ten years since the release of your last album, or you left the planet for a while....other than that, unless you've become someone's back, don't tell us you are back......

That is all!

Side note: I don't really feel like finishing The Graduate......and I've been doing more listening to music than making with me starting second shift on Monday, the production of any kinda music's gonna slow down even more.
Live long and prosper...

--midas is.........back!--

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