Gettin' Some

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You know those Disney cats? No, not the Aristocats, those Jonas Bros? Ok, so that one kid got married...

(Whenever I see them together, I utter the phrase, "gettin' some!")
Why do I say that? You know ze Jonas Brovers wore those purity rings to represents their virginity and shit...I think Kevin found a gold digging, pretty face and is "gettin' some!"  If that's not the bad, I didn't know.

This brings me to last night. "First name, Nicke, last name, Lodeon." I watched iCarly's "iSaved Your Life." The entire time I was watching it, I kept saying, "gettin' some!"

Since the beginning of the series, Freddie has been trying to get a piece of Carly's loving, but to no avail. He's been beat out by bad boys, emos, and pretty boys, but he throws himself in front of a taco truck and BLAOW!! Character, Sam, tells Freddie Carly only likes him because of the act of him nearly making the ultimate sacrifice. All and all, Freddie breaks it off because he doesn't feel it is real. After this, I said, "gettin' none."

What was the point of this post.....I'm asking my damn self.....maybe to introduce the phrase, "gettin' some."

--midas is zonin'--

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