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I've been listening to some things lately, and some stuff. Peep it.

(Havoc and Prodigy= Mobb Deep)
My cousin is pretty big into these guys and I decided to find out why. They've got some really gritty tracks, I really like their beats, but it seems since "Shook Ones Pt 2", they haven't been spittn', SPITTIN'.

(Tupac Shakur)
I know the singles, but I've been getting more into the b-side of the man's catalog. I enjoy it.

(Elvis Presley)
After doing "Blue Suede Shoes," I decided to check out his stash. I haven't dabbled in it yet, but I know a few songs that I really like.

(The Chameleons a.k.a The Chameleons UK)

I caught wind of this from an old school mate. Prior to three hours ago, I have never heard of them. They are no longer together....I think....I'll check them out fairly soon.

(Sia Furler or just Sia)
I was put onto her by a friend from Cape Town. Sia, who is often associated with Zero 7, is like the Australian version of Lady Gaga...no, not really. She's dope though. Pop and Trip-Hop. I likey!

(Bob Marley)
I was only familiar with the singles, now I got it all. Makes me wanna get my own sacks and blow 'em down and chill to his sounds.

(Marvin Gaye)
I didn't get this just to sample him....I know he's got some timeless music and I just wanted a piece of it.

(Diana Ross)
I got none of her music yet, and I really want it because she's got the sexiest singing voice of all time. None before, none now, none after.

I need to finish The Graduate....I got this one killer beat I want M.O and Lady S on........that statement probably earned me some hate........fuck it.

--midas is coastin'--

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