"I Put On Fo' My City"

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All I'm hearing when it comes to Ohioan cities, "Cincinnati this, Cincinnati that." People are disrespecting my city. Only up 'til recently have I gained a sense of pride about Cincinnati. If you don't know 'bout it, I'll tell you what I know about it.


(Carmen Electra)

Cincinnati, we've spawned many young cats who have become B-List celebrities. Carmen Electra, Nick Lachey, Seth Green, and the dude who played Evil Ed in Fright Night.

Most notably, he's come out with a trilogy of albums, Hi-Teknology, featuring emcees and singers from all walks of life. Ghostface, Raekwon, Chip Tha Ripper, Push Montana, and a lot of other folks. Beats you should recognize by him, "Get In My Car"--50 Cent and "Can I Get High?"--Lloyd Banks. I don't think he's fond of many Cincinnati acts himself.


(Cheese Coneys)
The concept of a hot dog covered in chili and onions...a chili dog....throw some cheese on that bitch, you got yourself a cheese coney, nigga. It's a Greek recipe or some shit. You can buy the chili in cans, but Skyline Chili is a franchise available only to the tristate. Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky....Get some, GET SOME!

I can tell this is a muthafuckin' picture from Kings Island...we'll go there later. Buddy LaRosa throws his lfe into every pizza made...psych. Buddy LaRosa throws his life and culture into every location of LaRosa's....except the ones you can't eat in....It's expensive pizza, but it's fuckin' good!

It's an ice creamery, it's a pastry shop....I ain't seen gnar' one of those Russell Simmons chicks 'round there though. Milkshakes, nigga! I'ma cookie'n'cream muthafucka. They got these cheese crown things that I keep saying I'ma buy a dozen of and keep forgetting to.

"LET'S GO!!!"

Home of The Beast, The Vortex, and Face/Off. They got a lot of other shit, but these the shits people talk about, and Diamondback and uh, that Superman shit. It's a fun time, admission is a bitch, and so are the bitches. I used to work here....then I quit. Fuckin' kids kept sneezing on me, and fellow employees wanted to act like they were superiors.

(The School for the Creative and Performing Arts)
When the kids at lunch aren't getting stoned outside, or getting drunk downstairs, this is a decent institute. The shit you see on Taking The Stage does NOT happen. I repeat, that shit DOES NOT HAPPEN! The school plays are kinda weak....the sets are cool, the artwork is the most abstract shit ever, the dance ensembles are entertaining, the music is superb. Fucks with 'em!

(Fountain Square)
It's a wonderful place to chill. It's near our tallest building, the Carew Tower, and a booty mall, Tower Place Mall....They got a big ass jumbotron going on, and ice skating is cool in the winter season. All the buses come here....a lot of festivals and events pop off down here.

(We have the BEST New Era caps!)

They say D.C is the roughest ghetto there is...if that's the case, this is runner up for sure. I've seen some things, and some stuff down here. I saw a woman take her pants down and drain the main thang. I've seen a crowd gather 'round an alley where a decomposing body was. I saw an IGA turn into a food shelter. I saw a lucrative shoe store, Cohen's, get bought out and changed to Deveroe's. I've seen store fronts stay up from my childhood to my adulthood. I've been in the vicinity of child molesters, drug dealers, cold hearted killers, and all of that....Shit is crazy out here.....Real talk, a lot of buildings are boarded up, and haven't been used for decades, what's up with that?

(101.1 The WIZ)
This is the only radio station dedicated to Hip-Hop.....I don't like it.....the DJ's cannot mix, and there's only one personality  who has a decent show...Russ and those other people. DJ Dimepiece, she thinks she's the shit. I think she's cool.

If I have missed anything, it's probably because I forgot about it, or I don't care about it....

--midas just showed 'em--

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