Like A Caveman

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Get it? a caveman?

All my life, the club is like the number one spot I hear. Everybody's so excited to go, but everybody wants to be by themselves cheek to cheek with a bunch of muthafuckas. Explain that. Personally, I don't like the club, nor do I understand the concept.

(Dry Humping)
Why do I have to pay $5-$10 to get into a place where all I'm doing is bumping and grinding with a bunch of chicks that might "Superbad" me if I do this? In public too? Not my steelo.

(Shots Ring Out!)
Look. After about three or four of these mofo's, you paid for the bottle....but you haven't drank the bottle.......It's not real to me.

I don't like a lot of the music on the radio....because more often than not, that's the music they play in the club. I guess the reason I don't like the club is because I don't make my music for the club. See me?

"They fightin' in the club!" Get it, Fight Club? I guess it's a legitimate excuse to fight somebody instead of randomly walking up to a cat and sockin' him on the street.

--midas says fuck a club promoter--

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