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This is part deux to the post titled "Lean Wit It, Roc Wit It". I watched a piece of Reservoir Dogs....I need to dedicate a time for that....and Young Roc's "Publicity Stunt" finished.



Mind you, I don't like a lot of the regional cats out here that are surprisingly making a name for themselves. Allow me to name drop, whether new or dated: Corey Bapez, Fat Al, Shotime, Cross, Tacka, K.Riley, Waka Flocka, and all the et ceteras.

Just because I do not like you all's music doesn't mean I have a problem with you as a person. Don't take it that way. After all, it's just rap, right?

So, I listened to this "Publicity Stunt", assessed it and stuff. There is only one track on this feature that doesn't utilize the Auto-Tune plug-in.....At least Young Roc sounds better using it than Jola.

Personally, I don't like "Publicity Stunt." Hopefully, Mr.Roc can actually get gritty to a beat, as opposed to the regular shit we've been ringtoning for years.....Maybe it's really a publicity stunt. Maybe he's trying to gain a buzz around the Midwest. Surely you'll catch attention with some tracks sounding like CuDi and others Drake/Lil Wayne.

Don't take this as a diss. It is my personal opinion. Fuck what I have to say, I'm one person.

Midwest forever...and ever....and ever.

--midas is posted--

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