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I've been on my other shit, about to be on some mo' shit.

If you had an Xbox that came with the two-in-one game, you remember Sega GT....but more importantly, you remember Jet Set Radio Future. JSRF was the reason I wanted the Xbox. I'm a sucker for cel shading. The skating, spray painting concept was uber dope, and it keeps you sucked into it 'til the ending.

Unlike Grand Theft Auto, the game doesn't allow you to change radio stations....or did it? I dunno....

Either way, every song on this soundtrack is good. It's MUSIC!!!

I don't put links to musics that can be bought...doesn't feel right to I don't want the "whoever-is-in-charge-of-suing-people-for-stolen-music" on my ass.

Gon' get it!

--midas is jammin'--

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