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I remember when I said I was gonna do this beat album using strictly Kanye West samples. I got lazy because they would sound like the original I got disgruntled and got lazy. I was sitting on some of these tracks forever. I made a few new ones. Close homies have heard some of these already, there are like one or two brand spanking new ones.

  1. Assembly--I never really ironed out the rough patches of this one. It's ugly at the end. Think "Good Morning" on drugs. HARD DRUGS!
  2. Cheerleader Poom Poom--"Drive Slow" meets a bus of a football team, cheerleaders and the marching band....they're all dudes.
  3. Diploma Music--"Diamonds Are Forever"....these are temporary.
  4. Midterms--"Touch The Sky" Russia, sky touch you.
  5. Doomy--I made this at Boogie's house, I was bored for some reason. It sounds like a Baroque composer stuck in a box made of lasers.
  6. Tragic Magic--A George Harrison sample...Could be dope.
  7. DARPA Chief--A beat I wanna rap on with Skeem. I'm told it sounds like something Ludacris would rap on.
  8. Helluva Time--Third World single right here.
  9. Man--A beat I want M.O and Lady S on.
  10. Mr.Smell Good--"Wave Yo Hands(If You Wack)"
  11. Missing Credits--"It's the mystery of iniquity."
  12. Principal's Office--I DO NOT like this one. Steve Wonder would probably give me a cold stare.
  13. U Done Fuq'd Up--I just made this. It's kinda hot. That's what I want the song to be called.
"Oh, you like my shit?" "Well, gather your girlfriends and go buy me shit!"

Also...I checked the stats of the downloads on these beat albums. "So Far, So Good" proves to be most popular....must be the cover.....

--midas is tired--

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