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I have finally decided on a title and a concept for my first full length solo project. Rockstar/Gangster. Pronounced without the slash.

Why Rockstar/Gangster?

Well....Rockstar is the epitome of fame. Gangster is the epitome of infamy. Either way, both lifestyles act as a double edged blade. In the Rockstar, you've got the nose candy, the girls, the cars, the clothes, the cribs, the also have scandals, paparazzi, no sleep, and all that other bullshit. With the Gangster you have money, cars, clothes, hoes, and street cred....the downfall: cops on your ass, fiends chasing you, and hatin' ass corn ball bitch hoe as fuck boys trying to rob you for your territory.

After observing famous musicians in their lavish habitats, you come to realize, it's a lonely lifestyle. Nobody is truly real towards you, they only like you because of your status....if they saw you on the street, would they still be friendly towards you?

How does the Rockstar/Gangster apply to me? Growing up on heavy metal and watching Metallica tour VHS's, I always wanted to entertain. As for the Gangster, I feel like one...and damn does it feel good.

I feel this is the most concrete idea I've come up for myself in decades. Hopefully I can turn out a gem.

It gives me a good excuse to put upbeat songs and suicide soundtracks on the same tape....


--midas is like Led Zeppelin meets Kool G Rap--

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