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Me. I'm a character. I'm an idiot. I'm a genius. I'm absolutely evil. I'm a saint. I'm all of that and bag of chips and a tall fountain drink....would you like fries with that?

I decided to do a mini autobiography of myself....kinda to let anybody who would like to come in, in, and for the most part, help me understand me.

I get pissed off, but I've never thoroughly been mad at something. I think over the years during my life, I've experienced so many emotions that I just can't detect them within myself anymore. I can read a person like the back of a cereal box. You don't have to look disgruntled for me to know there's pain brewing inside of you.

I am a Leo, and I like that. I feel I am king and everything in this existence is mine or for me. Everything I want, I get it. No questions, no Ifs, Ands or BUTS! I'm an odd form of Leo though. Legend has it, ALL Leos like to shine. I don't like to show boat myself, I think that makes one look foolish. As opposed to that, I believe in letting things come to me. All my life, that is what has been happening. The finest women I have ever conversed with in my life have come to me, the moment I decide to act, they leave...I allow everyone to grovel before me as a result.

When people see me, I wonder what they see. If I had to guess, some people are afraid of me. I dress the opposite of Leo. Dark, non-shiny clothing. I'm supposed to like orange. I do not like to wear orange. It's a color I don't prefer to wear, put that in the same category as yellow and purple. My favorite colors are Black, White and Grey(Gray?).

Why's that? Black is the color of the aristocratic. It represents darkness...depth...infinity. White, that's purity, the absence of anything. Grey is the accident child of Black and White, the in between, the one nobody claims.

My face very seldom reflects how I feel. I could be happy and look angry. I could be horny and appear satisfied. I could be pissed off and appear jovial.

Despite my own work ethic, I am a fan of detail. I will pick anything apart at your expense. For instance:

(The M.O Hour)
Look at the numerals. The artist put two VI's, and the time goes 5,6,6,7,9. There is no VIII, or 8 'o clock. Apparently, I'm the only one who noticed this, and that's alright...leave it to me.

My aura, the vibe I emit....those who give themselves the chance to know me never want to leave the warmth my comfort zone produces. The people from the past who have shot themselves in the foot with a bazooka by denying my cool...fuck 'em. I don't need them.

I have strong proclivities. When I let go or don't care, my gut is the best compass. I can win nearly any card game if I "feel" the cards. Concentration is the best example. Many things in my life that have led to bullshit endings, I could have prevented them if I had trusted myself...I fear being wrong, or rejection. I rarely take chances because I feel more secure not doing so, but the pay off would be more handsome if I had taken those chances.

I am younger than all of my friends, but I appear older, and in some instances, act older. Sometimes I forget how young I really am, and sometimes I feel like Big Brother.

I like to learn....not in the sense of schooling. I hate school. I do like to learn random tidbits about the world around me. I like the idea of knowing a little about everything, it makes me feel well rounded, a Renaissance Man if you will. I feel as if I'm a certified doctor without a license....sometimes.

I don't like to believe I am a human being sometimes...that's boring, that's what everybody else is doing. I like to conduct as if I'm "something else." Amorphous. Nebulous. Enigma. I like words too. I like word play, puns and idioms.

Back to the instinct idea. When I meet someone, I naturally act a certain way towards them. There are people in life that I KNOW I will NEVER see again...with that in mind, I never get too close to new people when I know their replay value is low.

That's all that comes to mind for now.

--midas is deeper than rap--

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