All Wrong

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I found out what the problem is with today's music....the rap shit anyhow. We wanna rap about what WE wanna rap about, and hate on other niggas that do what they do.

I realize that I've been going about it all wrong. After Ace and Skeem's back out, I realize that we've been doing it all wrong. Yes, it's cool to go about your way, I wouldn't have it any other way......but to completely ignore everything that's out there, it's a bad route.

We have to be able to appeal to everybody to an extent. That doesn't mean cop out and make club bangers. It means absorb every style and make it your own. I'm glad to be able to learn so much before entering the HTC.

When I go in, I'm never coming out. A day in the HTC is what, one year? So, 7 days, 7 years? That's a lot of fucking music. Oh yes.

--midas is thinking out loud--

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