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Hmm. I've been thinking about these new rappers and what it takes to catch some attention. First!

(Some cat who DJ's)
The DJ seems to be the most essential part to your "mixtape" or whatever. The muthafucka that has nothing to do with your music, but takes it upon himself to yell over your tracks. The DJ is usually the person spreading your word to these sites and spinning your joints in the club. I guess he's/she's of some use, but shit....don't yell over me while I rap. That's stupid, and a waste of DJ'd/no DJ mixtapes.

(Pour it on their laps)
Once you get one famous Hip-Hop site on your side, the rest shall follow. The only Hip-Hop site I truly follow is Kevin Nottingham. He had the best Hip-Hop blog on the Internet in, what, 2008, or was that 09? Anyway, they all fuck with each other. If you can manage to get one aboard, the rest will definitely promote you.

(Put yourself on the 'Net)
A blog isn't necessary, but Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter are a must. Youtube is optional. The Internet is  pretty much the only way people are gonna catch your music. TV is hardly watched anymore....whatcha gonna do, put an ad in the paper?

(Okay, I lied!)
Maybe not. Youtube might be necessary unless you got Vimeo, or Megavideo, or some other shit......or a mean photographer to catch a moment like this.

Me. I feel I don't need to grind as hard as these other niggas. Why? Because my aim isn't to join the fashion show, my aim isn't to make club bangers. All I want to do is make good music.

How do I put this?

In today's industry, an artist has to actually be an artist. Rappers gotta write their own raps, rappers gotta make their own beats, rappers gotta learn how to perform, rappers got a lot of shit to do........thank God I'm not a rapper.

--midas is stupid--

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