Phantom Power

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I dunno. I'm feeling gooder than G.O.O.D music in the Emergency Roomer(GOODER, get that?).

I rose around midnight and have been up ever since. I shot down to my bank to see if my debit card arrived. Nope. I withdrew exactly $150. I figured the Sam Ash mixer would run me $99, and the mic cable couldn't be more than 5 bucks in my head......

After drugs, music has to be the most expensive habit to pay for. My God. I arrived at Sam Ash, they didn't open 'til 11AM...It's 10ish. So I circled around to the other side to Guitar Center which just so happened to be open especially early today.

I step in. I ignore the guitars...the pretty, pretty guitars. I ask for my thangs. Homie was tryna sell me a $499 interface. I was like, "I'm on a budget, holmes." So, the cheapest mixer they had was $130, and the fucking cables ran me $11. Remember, I had $150 on me? The total came up to $150.14.....Good thing I had a dollar....but man, now I gotta go withdraw again and go back for the mic stand.

The least complicated of anything music related I've ever seen. It's pretty simple.

That there microphone, if you can find it, I received as payment for 5 beats when I was at Wright. I don't even think those dudes have even used those beats yet.....coincidence, I haven't used the mic yet....but Ace did. "Anxiety Attaq".....yeah.

I feel the rap chi returning. Internet takeover?

--midas is floating on a cloud--

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