"Big Whoop, Wanna Fight About It?"

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I'm still looking at all this recording equipment. A lot of niggas think I've gone mad. I think I've gone happy.

I haven't been in a studio spot to call my own since 2008. It's 2010, bitches! I got a lot of creative back up that's ready to be put down. After going to Ace's, I realized a key component to the studio is missing. Monitors....for those not music savvy, bigaz speakers. These are what I'm looking at.

USB connected, they supposedly give you optimum quality for a home setting....EXACTLY what I need. Big ups to Average Joe for finding them. Next time I come up on some cash, I just might get these....or get the bigger, badder ones from Seth Boogie.....I don't know.

This post is dedicated to up-and-coming artists AND mainstream artists....the title, a line from Family Guy, goes out to YOU. You characters who think you're the god of music and such. Ain't no best. 


--midas is still talkin' shit!--

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