Wishing Upon A Star

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First and foremost: What do I want out this here game?

That's a good question, me.

My initial want is a tad selfish. I'd like for somebody to able to scroll through their iPod, or hit shuffle, and come across my name and just not be able to choose one song by me they'd like to hear. I want people to make playlists out of my shit.

After that....I want Internet "fame". As long as I can run the game from my finger tips, I'd be happy. Maybe folks will ask me to come do a show, and I could bring Third World and they could help me or do it instead.

I'd like for many more women to follow my movements, not in the sense of Twitter, or stalking me, but to show support.

"Why the women, you hatin' on the homies?"

No. I just think women are more dedicated fans than most men are. If I ever do make "mainstream" money, at least the ladies won't be bootlegging my shit!...................I find a lot of women don't know how to open .Zip and .Rar files.....not all of you, don't take me as a sexist....hahaha!

I want a sweet gig. You know, the kind where DJ's and those Hip-Hop sites put links up to your shit, then you end up going RIAA certified Gold, download wise.

That would be wicked awesome. First I gotta get the music done.

So anyway. I usually don't dig very deeply into my own life right here, but fuck it. Anybody can be watching, yet nobody could be watching. I don't really know, nor care if I covered this before.


One lonely, chilly night, I was sitting outside of my apartment building. "Drinkin', smokin', thinkin', tryna clear my mind." I do what I want when I can do it. In the time that I've been living in No-Man's-Land(Fairfield), Ohio, I've seen many a shooting stars. I'm talking a lot! There's little to no light pollution out here....I saw a green one out of the corner of my eye. Usually, I wish to myself, and it's usually a personal, long off thing.....this night was different. I felt the need to talk to the higher being that we all believe or deny that is out there.

I sat, confessed my wrongs, hoping that He,She, It was listening. I covered some things. I humbled myself. I officially believe there is something out there. Whether it is Allah, God, or the universe operates like a republic, something is out there. I made a request of the clouds. I usually only asked them for snow days. This night, I asked of It to bring everybody and everything around me happiness.

I didn't want to go around and ask people if they have found their happy, but by going with the flow, I have seen many a things looking up for everyone. I told Ace this, he said I had the "golden prayer." Fauste thanked me. I told him, "Don't thank me, thank me, thank the clouds."

Things are looking up. I LOVE IT!!!!

--midas is feelin' it--

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