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Before I drop it....remember Sheep In The Big City?

Haha! Anyway. Ever since the beginning of this here diary/journal/log/notebook/brain, the times around me were changing. SO MUCH! Stuntman and his family moved to Hell, USA, M.T Bag as a band was imploding, and the skies weren't perceived the same way anymore.

As it seems, friendship cannot keep you bonded when you have your own path to travel. In 2007, I thought M.T Bag was forever. 2008 came, 2009 flew. Here we are in 2010. Only three years, but it feels like a decade with all the shit we've been through as a band. The break-ups, the dumb shit, the drunk shit, the fun shit, the Nintendo Wii-zombies-and-the-gun shit, all of it. I wouldn't exchange those times for anything in the world. I feel like the number one thing that kept our effort alive was my studio, and my old computer that contained nothing but our music. When the studio was moved away from, and the computer crashed, my attitude towards it all depleted, damn near drained.

With only weeks away from moving into a new home with a new and improved space for a studio, I could only wish that the life of the effort was still in the shell of Third World Records.....but fuck ,man, EVERYBODY is so far away from each other. Skeem is out fighting, M.O is on exile from Ace's house, Ace is going to do it recreation now, Average Joe came aboard when the effort was in decline, and Fauste is out grinding hard for his name. No matter what, I respect y'all fuckers cuz y'all are some of the only friends I can act a fool in front of and y'all wouldn't pass judgment.

The only people I'm truly going to have near me, near me are, Average Joe, M.O and Burnz who haven't really been on with Third World as actively as Skeem, Ace, and Fauste......I just wish that the If's and But's were candy and nuts, and shit would just go the way I wanted it....but if this is what it has to be, then so be it....the Soviet....

Since I'm gonna be in the position I've been hoping for, for a year now, I can only go with it, and do what the fuck I feel I was born to do....Fill up people's iPods with Third World. I know M.O is still aboard for making the dream come true, I know Fauste would love to be on top.....This is my PROMISE: I will not stop until I'm laying in a coffin, and even then, when I rise from the dead, flesh rotten, and the gotta shoot me in the head with a shotgun, I will see to it Third World gets where it deserves to be....and our families can eat off of the concept, our children can continue to make it if they feel, and pass it down to their children, and their childrens' children.

I'm going to be in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber all the fucking time.....HTC...that's my name for the new studio. The workspace of a genius. A lot of people won't see me for a long time, others might see me all the time. I know this much, I won't stop recording, I won't stop writing, I won't stop sampling, I won't stop, I won't stop..........I'm on the bus route again, I just might start performing.

In the meantime, fuck any Hip-Hop website that won't fuck with me or Third World. Watch out 2dopeboyz, Okay Player, Kevin Nottingham, Nah Right, all that bullshit y'all are spreading the word about, if me and my folks aren't gonna be included in that when I ask you nicely, you're dead to me.

I'm just saying, watch your back.

--midas is runnin' with an AK--

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Shaun F@uste said...

negro, im always down with Third World even if M.T. Bag is in a the words of "Tom Cruz Dope Pope Catholic but Im not Religious (chyeahyo!)", "well said". When I get this car fixed/ bus pass its on...Libery City: Ballad of Hetero Shaun.

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