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Ok. I want you rappin' ass niggas to answer me a question. What are the 5 foundations to the skyscraper that is Hip-Hop. Some of you bastards can't tell me......I love how it seems I ask people to come here only to get cussed out.....

Okay. Some of you probably have your answers.

  • DJing
  • Rapping
  • Graffiti
  • Breaking
  • Beatboxing 
So why did I bring this up? I think a lot of my peers, both underground and mainstream, have forgotten what it is. DJing and Rapping are still strong. Graffiti, I fucking love it, I respect those who can do it, and saw fuck the law, you can't crack down on my art.....Breaking and Beatboxing seldom occur anymore.

That's not my point though. My point, too many rappers come into the game without the idea of making music on their minds. They come to stunt, they come to flash, they come to act. They don't come with originality, they come with a pencil and a stencil, not a pencil and a notebook. They come in with too big or too small shoes, trying to walk in the same paths as the cat who laid out the prints in the first place.

Welcome to the Internet Era. Where anything that is a sound, I can sample and rap on it.......Nobody's music[so long as it's on the Internet] is safe. If I have to individually send emails to people to tell them to listen, if I have to send emails to popular Hip-Hop sites with a subject saying: Free Sex or Bomb Threat, I'll do it.

I can't be stopped. Take the ground from beneath me, I will float...throw me in the water.....shit, I might drown......

--midas is ready to drop bombs--

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