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I don't even know this many people...so if everybody in the arena was staring at me, I'd probably shit myself right there. There's something odd about me. I love to be seen, but I hate to be stared at.

How you figure?

I like to be glanced at, doing something cool, and remembered..I hate to be stared at, when all of my movements are being tracked....that's probably why I couldn't fuck with a reality show.

How can I want to enter a profession that goes hand and hand with fame, but not want the fame?

Besides the badinage you read right here, I'm a fairly private person. I'm a homebody superstar.

I can't imagine my face on a magazine....except XXL...I really wanna pose for that...several times. I got ideas of how I'd wanna do it...I won't share, you might bite, aight? Let's just say one day  you'll see. It's never been done before on the cover, and if it happens before I get there, I'm gonna cry!

I haven't written or beaten in a while. I've just been basking in the awesomeness that is myself. It's kinda cool. I never knew I could be so cool. 

Back to it..I can't imagine myself on TV, standing on red carpet, none of that shit. I'm not game for Botox, teeth bleaching, Brazilian waxes, censorship. Yo, let me be exclusive to the Internet. The Internet doesn't give a fuck who you are. The second that shit becomes physical, you gotta be perfect, and being intoxicated in your spare time results in a scandal.

I won't clean up for nobody. Fuck. Shit. Ass. Cunt. Pussy. Bitch. Motherfucker. Nigga. Bastard-Hoe.

Funny, my music isn't dirty at all, though.

I'm a sailor in real life, and a gentleman on the mic....funny....

--midas is....midas is....midas is...I don't care--

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