"Just Call Me Mr.Bitches!"

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Hahahahahahaha! Mr.Bitches...

Haha, but no. I don't wanna come off like that. All I'm saying is a lot of women folks have been hitting up my Facebook. I even got requested by some gay dudes. It's a cool feeling, this androgyny. Not that I wear make-up and try to appeal to both genders, but you know you're official when everybody wants you. I guess....

I guess it was weird of me to say that. That's how I felt.

I haven't seen gnar' one of my homies in what feels like forever. What have I been doing? I've been bullshitting/grinding. Not musically. If I don't write at least two or three songs a week, I feel lazy. I haven't made a beat in two weeks, many drafts.

I might be going to Atlanta...if I feel like it. I might be going to Chicago if I pull the right strings, you know?

I don't wanna go anywhere without a "demo", you know?

I know Fauste has been doing the damn thing. I wish I could be part of it. I made Seth Boogie freestyle with me, I got to horribly play his Prince guitar and make up a booty song. 

I told Ace Boogie in 2010, I was gonna live it up, and here I am, three months in with the biggest plans I have ever come up with.

You know? I feel alive. I feel good. I feel invincible. Untouchable even. I can't be stopped. Third World FOREVER! "Press space bar, nigga!"

All I've really been doing is getting drunk and Facebook macking. Smoking my esophagus away. All that good shit. Working on flow and delivery even. I want my piece o' the cookie. Tune in next time when I try to devise my personal list of 2010 Freshman...like XXL.

--midas is over the hill--

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