How To Make It In America

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I wanna talk about the stereotypes portrayed in American culture. 

What is American culture?

American culture, if I were to relate it to music....I'd call it the Kanye West, the J.Dilla, the RZA, the DJ Premier of the world. Why do I say that? The culture is sampled. The culture is a mix of many different customs and cuisines from all over the world.

It's beautiful. I wouldn't change it for shit. Where else can you find a Vietnamese, Mexican, and Chinese cuisine eatery all in one next to shit like Arby's and McDonald's? NOWHERE, that's where....I like food.

I just wanna discuss the way the world sees us though.

Let's say you were raised in Mumbai, formerly, Bombai, India. All you know is your Hinduism, and Bollywood and all that good shit. You turn on your international cable channels and see something like MTV. To all my foreign friends, television is the worst way to base your belief of an entire population...just saying.

I have a friend in South Africa, and just by watching TV, she thinks that all we do as Americans is skip school and drink Starbucks. I'm down with the first one, but I don't even drink coffee.
Look elsewhere. All they think we do is worship celebrities and shoot each other. If you look at CNN, that's basically all they show us doing.

I'd like to clear the air. 

The movies are fantasy, the television programs are exaggerations.

We as Americans are portrayed as cavemen like creatures, who always search for the easiest way out. In a sense we do, but there are responsible people on this soil. 

If the first film from America you saw was something like, Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay,'d think all we do is get high, chase ass, and break the reality, we do, but it's not that funny in real life.

I don't want America to come off as a place where we spend money on accessories for accessories, not all of us can do that. We don't struggle as hard as any given Third World country, but believe you me, there is a struggle here. This is a place where an age old West Vs. East type beef still wages on, the Conservatives vs. the Liberals, and the Green party animals who don't give a fuck.

The system is labeled as a Democracy, where the people are the voice of the government, but when the government goes and "loses" votes, it doesn't seem very Democratic at all. It would be cool to have a Republic, I like the Romans....but it feels like a semi-stress free Dictatorship.

The country is operated by a bunch of meaningless words on a piece of paper called the Constitution. We have "freedom of speech", but white dudes lose their careers over using the word, "nigger"......yet there are KKK rallies running freely through the streets. We have the right to carry guns, but nearly every state prohibits the possession of fire arms. There is no system of laws, it's a wait-and-see kinda operation. Nobody ever gets the same punishment. 
Woman murders her husband because of domestic abuse, let's give her 14 years. A man kills another man out of self-defense, lets give him 25 to life. A child kills his parents because they took away his copy of Call of Duty, fuck it, let's charge him as an adult and give him 123 years in the slammer.

I think the world would be on some goody two shoes shit if we lived by Hammurabi, an eye for an eye. "Oh, you raped a chick? Call up the boys, let's run a train!" "Oh, you stole my shit? Where's my ski mask? Nigga, gimme yo shit!" This is all based on what our mothers taught us as kids, "If somebody hits you, you better hit 'em back!" Right? Fair is fair.

So, word to you people defecting from your country or just searching for the land of opportunity...after the new car smell wears off, you'll come to find out, it's just like home, just bigger and cleaner.
America. Ain't. Shit.

A true patriot.

--midas is radical--

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