"Never Been Afraid Of A Drought"

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I had an idea for a "mixtape" series. I'm still gonna keep it original, and true to myself with the self published LP's, but I feel the need to do the same shit y'all niggas do. I will be doing a "mixtape" series (I put it in quotes cuz I hate the phrase mixtape) called The Wettening. Inspired by the first mixtape I ever listened to, The Drought 3. I'm guessing the idea behind Da Drought or whatever they go by, was to saturate the game with music, disappear, then come back and tell us the drought was over. I dunno.

 The idea of The Wettening is from an episode of the late, great series, Invader Zim. Zim, being an alien, has never experienced rain before. When water, or meat for that matter, touches his skin, it begins to sizzle. Dib, the antagonist, takes note of Zim's weakness to H2O and begins to peg Zim with water balloons. Zim, not knowing any better then sucks out the Earth's water supply and seals it inside of a space water balloon and throws it at Dib who resembles a turkey looking into the sky as it rains. The Earth floods like a muthafucka.

What I'm going for with The Wettening is to rap a bunch of verses to help me sharpen my potency, as well as stay with/ahead of the times. Niggas today bore me with what they're rapping on..."Lemonade"..."Swag Surfin'"...for real? 

It's no big deal to me. I'm back...I hate saying that too, but I'm never leaving....like you invited a vampire into your crib.

Les Miserables' writing process is going smoothly, the beat process, so so. I think it'll be a nice listen when it comes out. I don't think anybody will listen to it though. I think the way it's gonna go, I'm gonna drop a Wettening installment at the same time as my LP's, so that way, you got all kinds of shit to listen to.

The excitement is building. I'm falling deeper and deeper.


 (I decided to roll with these bad bitches!)
Three piece. 2.1 sound, pretty good for a home setting, don't need much. The sub is what I really wanted. Cheaper than them last shits I was looking at, way cheaper. They're at Best Buy....it's ON!!!

--midas is out--

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