Sex In The Flesh(YES!)

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I've been coming at you with a lot of non rap related topics. I'm supposed to be busting my ass with music and telling you about that. I'm under the underground. Nobody gives a fuck.........................yet.

So. Me. I'm a fuckin' Facebook junkie. All I do is request pretty women. Invite them to become fans. That's it.

I found this one lady. I've been meeting the uniquest characters. This one...this one. First thing I see, she's looking to FUCK. I'm not going out on a limb and saying she'd screw anybody, I doubt that she would. I think she just loves the attention. Niggas from all over were stepping up with the usual, "Wassup ma?" "U bad ma."

That could never be me. This is what she looks like...
El-Oh-El, smiley face, bitch!

I done pulled it. If/when I meet it, I'ma meat it..........excuse me. That was the rapper in me.

I do this for fun, mayne. 

But in all seriousness, she's a sweet character. Like the other sweet characters I've conversed with.

By the end of the month I'ma have something crazy on my arm...uh huh uh!!!

I dunno. I think I'm too far ahead of myself. 

I got a sample set downloading. Haven't done that in forever. The mac is back..jack...

--midas wants to leave his body for an hour--

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