Lady GaGa X Beyonce X Kill Bill

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 I just caught the tail end of Lady GaGa's "Telephone".

Lady Gaga - Telephone ft. Beyoncé from choice tv on Vimeo.

I usually don't follow a lot of Lady GaGa, I think she/he/it would be a cool muthafucka to hang with, but I think a lot of her shit sounds the's not the best Pop I've heard in a while. Get some Stereolab in you....I got put onto that by listening to J Dilla samples. 

I probably won't watch the shit anyway, but I noticed the cameo of the muthafuckin' Pussy Wagon from Kill Bill Vol.1.

I didn't think you could show the word pussy on television......

Well, I wanna watch the video, but I think Youtube is this moment anyway. I don't know the mechanics of Vimeo, I just noticed other muthafuckas use it.

Justin Beiber is on AMTV....which makes me think, what happened to that little nigga that came out last Summer, "Just a Kiss"....Mishon?

Artists come and go....

--midas is tired of eating food that is fast....Long John Silver's grease caked up in my mouth earlier, I'd hate to waste it--

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