My Buddha Is Black

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Whether that's supposed to be Buddha in that picture or not, I'm talking about Buddha. Hahaha.

Tonight, that's who I felt like. Not in the sense of Enlightenment or nothin', nothin' like that.

If you don't know the story of Buddha, he was prince, and he spent 29 years within the walls of his father's palace. His father shielded him from the concepts of suffering: death, poverty, famine, sickness, et cetera. 

I feel like this sometimes, not in the sense of never having seen such. I mean, I've had people in my lifetime die, but not anyone reasonably close to me, I've been on both sides of the empty wallet, not for long, I have NEVER gone hungry a night in my life, and I've NEVER seen those badass diseases...EVER.

The reason I bring this up is because a few hours ago, I'd say 5 of them bad boys, I was taking the trash out. The smell of cigarette was in the air. I walked past a middle aged woman, I couldn't hear her because Lupe Fiasco's "Switch" roamed my head. I tossed the trash in the dumpster and turned the music off on the on chance she would ask me something.

She asked for the time. It was a quarter to 1. Soon she would begin to talk to me about her situation. Her car ran out of gas and she didn't bring her debit card with her, all she had was her license and change purse. Luckily a friend of hers let her stay in her apartment. 

Soon, she began to go through her life to me as I listened. Her friend came over, and proceeded to make a trip for weed...hahaha. Now, things got real. This woman has been around the block befo'. She's from Alabama, lived in Chi Town, used to live in this apartment complex. Also, she's experienced more shit than I've ever seen in a DVD boxset. 

Death of her father, who she had only known for four years, a step mom(monster) who solely cared for his money, a step brother who beat upon her dad, her real mom his dying, she faced molestation, is prone to seizures, her sister died, her half sister said she wished it was her......

To sit and take all that shit in....I was in my head when she was telling me all of this, and I was asking, "Why is my life so 'good' compared to people I've met in my life?" Not in the arrogant sense, like, how come I've never known any true pain? It's not like I'm wishing for it though, I appreciate the fact I haven't gotten to experience all of my emotions yet....

 So her friend came back, and on her way back, she appeared to have dropped something, and spent about 10 minutes trying to pick it up. 
This is when I saw how scandalously funny women can be. She whispered to me before her friend came back into ear shot of us, "I really don't wanna stay at her place, it's filthy." As soon as her friend came back over, "Hey,you!"

She had collected a bunch of pennies from the guy she was gonna ask for a joint. They set off to see if they could get a drop of gas for those pennies. Prior to leaving, the rolling stone woman asked me for my number because she took a liking to me. After hearing her background story, I think it would've killed her if I didn't oblige. Luckily, I had a small piece of paper with my Cricket number on it, cuz I can never remember it. I handed it to her.

She left.

Her fate, I dunno. Maybe she wasn't real.....maybe she made it out alright......maybe she's still out there.

Who knows?

Until next time.

--midas has spoken--

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