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I know I keep toying around on what the fuck I'm gonna come out with.......I'm a very fickle muthafucka. Okay, player?

I think it's too early to come out with a Music For Dummies, and too early to bust heads with a concept e.g: Rockstar/Gangster. 

Les Miserables, or The Miserables. Call it what you want. 

What's going on it? God knows what. I just did a beat for it. I might pull old songs out of the ass, but nobody knows they're old. I don't know what I'm gonna do. I gotta get to the HTC, and the rest shall fall into place. 

Cool, cool. 

Shout outs to muthafuckas who follow me and check up on me too. You all are good people by me. I could give a rats ass if you follow my Twitter updates. Those are for my personal satisfaction......to show off to the world how ill I can flip trending topics. 

Soon the Soundlick list will be full of tracks with my voice, as opposed to just beats.........um, if you're on Facebook reading this, I'M TELLING YOU, YOU'RE WASTING YOUR TIME!!!!! Report to www.wellebeing.blogspot.com

It's the same shit, but better, with more stuff. More stuff never hurt anybody......unless it was more tumor or something.....

Keep supporting my efforts. 

--midas is Audi 5 thou'.....where'd I get this car from?--

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