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Niggas are gonna rip the blog for being pink. I think somewhere along the line I gotta explain why it's pink....atleast why I chose the template.

Up top, there's a pink flower. I assumed it was a tulip, I wish it was a carnation...anyway....The pink carnation symbolizes the phrase, "I will never forget you."

What is the color of a brain.........in the cartoons anyway?

A lot of musicians blog to give their fans a piece of their lives, maybe inner thoughts....I want this shit to be my electronic journal or some shit...a hard drive, a time capsule. I want people to be able to look at it like, he's human like the rest of us. A tad eccentric. Maybe the links to my musics will survive, maybe I'll buy a space that never expires, so as long as the Internet exists, I'll be something people can study.....attempt to emulate....I dunno.

To run with the brain concept, I've added that bullshit Twitter widget, so you can truly see what goes through my mind.....maybe I'll put a photo gallery or some shit on here......I'd need a digital camera. The blogroll=sites I think about, the Grammy Family=other artists I respect and check for. All that good shit.

It's not at all that deep when you think about it.........then again, an artist isn't worth a damn until they die anyway............Music until the last bit of decomposition.

--midas is gruesome--

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