March 9th

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One thing you have to respect about New York City, that is if you don't have any, is their strong sense of unity. Despite the 5 boroughs and whatnot, they all are proud to be from NY. Whether it be for the Yankees, the Empire State Building, the Ca$h Cab, or the rappers. 

13 years after the death of The Notorious B.I.G, and nearly 14 years after the death of 2Pac, the cold war of who was the better emcee still carries on.

Can I clear the air? Did you know Pac was born in NYC? Despite the fact he was raised in and represented West Side, he's got the East Coast in him.....I don't know how that would clear the air...label that a fun fact.

Biggie Smalls doesn't get the poetic justice I think he deserves. Biggie didn't come out on the deep end, instead he took his own route with making Gangsta Rap...gangsta. Storytelling doesn't always have to tell a positive or deep story. With Biggie, you could imagine the silly, grimy shit he was talking about.

2Pac may have had world wide recognition for his versatility, but damnit, Biggie had a song with Michael Jackson!

2Pac wasn't really the type of guy that could thoroughly hop onto another rapper's track, but Biggie could do it, and he'd shit on you. In my opinion, Biggie had the better Bone Thugs-N-Harmony collaboration too.

I'm not dogging Pac. I like Pac, but he was his own artist. He could do it all. Biggie found his niche and mastered it.

Another side note: How come 2Pac, Big Pun, or Big L's death dates aren't recognized as widely? They were just as good.

(The What featuring Method favorite Biggie song)

--midas is Marching with 9's--

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